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Hagen Software Products & Services

Hagen SoftwareTM offers the world's most powerful and versatile suite of feature-packed software solutions for web sites. We offer a full range of software products, including our e-Classifieds® product family, which ranges from our entry-level Lite Edition for only $4.95 per month to our $99 per month Corporate Edition that offers unrivaled database power and features, all wrapped in an elegant interface. We even offer a free version. Our e-Classifieds® products family is the most popular classified ads software in the world. It's now in use at hundreds of thousands of web sites, including NBC Television stations, the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, newspapers, magazines, leading industry sites, and many other sites of all types. Our Free Edition was reviewed in CNET Builder's e-mail newsletter, which had the following to say: "Want ad power on your site? The latest version of this cross-platform freebee has extra oomph for those ISO an application to boost online bucks."

We also offer web hosting services through Hagen Hosting. Hagen Hosting offers numerous advantages over other web hosting companies, such as powerful e-commerce and credit-card processing capabilities that enable you to generate substantial revenues from your web site, our unique Personal Control Panel that is incredibly powerful, attractive, and easy to use, many included features (such as support for additional domains, unlimited DNS changes, domain name parking) that require additional accounts or substantial fees with most other web hosting companies, powerful dual-processor servers with 24 GB of RAM for ultra-fast response times, and RAID-5 SCSI hard drives for the ultimate in reliability and failover redundancy.

Learn more about the benefits of adding Hagen Software products to your web site and the online market. Please follow the links along the left side of the screen to learn more about how Hagen Software products and services can contribute to your bottom line.

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